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Jesse Macpherson was raised under the bright West Coast sun. Born in San Francisco, and growing up in the Sierra Nevada mountains before putting roots down in Los Angeles for a while, he now has settled in Scottsdale, Arizona. 


All his life, Jesse has been drawn to ‘connection’, first as a successful choreographer and then as an empowerment coach.  For Jesse, the joy of connecting with people as they break through their own limitations and stepping back as their world expands before them is his greatest reward. His passion for nurturing growth in his clients has been his biggest key to success and has allowed him to teach workshops in front of thousands of people as well as build a global sales organization of over 200,000 people.


Jesse believes in the power of people, and that nobody defines your own success except you. That means your own success story is already written, you just need to share it with the world. Jesse knows you hold the power and by trusting the connection that links us all, you’ll believe it as well.

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